SpeedRingsā„¢ serve up the instant speed of cored wheels, but without their hard-core chatter. Structural 'Flex-Rings' fight bearing deflection under load to provide hesitation free landings...and that means successfully rolling away from more tricks. NOT A SOFT CRUISER WHEEL!

Ricta's new Park Crushers are shaped wider for smoothing out concrete with an undercut shape to reduce both weight and bulk. The signature Ricta style raised graphics are present but with a new colorful twist. Proving to be a massive leap forward in wheel chemistry, the new Park Crushers feature Ricta's brand new NRG urethane in an ultra-fast 83B hardness skatepark formula.

Sparx are designed for those seeking the feel of a single pour wheel in a compact shape, whilst still maintaining a standard width road surface. Ricta's signature lightning bolt engraving is sunk into the sidewall and without obtrusive coloring, making these wheels ideally suited to the technical skater who prefers pure and simple, without flashy cartoon graphics. Best of all, Sparx are poured using the Ricta's new leading standard in urethane performance. Let the Sparx fly!

8% Lighter than other so-called lightweight wheels. Narrow shapes with slightly wider riding surfaces for increased control and durability. Double-sided raised graphics with smooth conicals that won't interfere with grind tricks.

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Chrome-colored cores with slim, lightweight shapes, updated wheel and core embossed graphics, larger back graphics, 81B White Lightning urethane and 78D durable cores. More than 18 months of research and development has created the White Lightning Formula, the world's highest performance urethane. More resistant to flat spots than any other wheel formula on the market and simply the fastest.

Smooth-rolling and fast 78A soft urethane with a solid, 78D core. Clouds make even the roughest of surfaces feel like smooth warehouse floors. Modern-shaped and not heavy or bulky. Perfect for filming and just cruising.

Ricta's chemist has invented a new revolution in crystal clear formulation to defy all pre-conceptions. Optically clear tinted colors that not only sparkle but offer the high performance speed, slide and durability like never before.